How is the bamboo cutting board made?

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What are the types of bamboo cutting boards
1. Original bamboo cutting board
The standard bamboo cutting board is a bamboo strip made by splitting the bamboo and sending it when it is used on it. It is under national security and can be used with confidence.

2. All bamboo cutting board
In the entire bamboo processing process, the original bamboo (segment) cabinets are flattened into a whole seamless bamboo board, and the two seamless furniture exhibition rubber boards are combined into one. The whole bamboo craftsmanship chopping board, in the process of normal use, the ground will not be in direct contact with the beverage.

3. No glue cutting board
Glue-free cutting board is a bamboo cutting board that uses (adaptive nails) bolt connection technology and bamboo connection.
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What is the difference in their craftsmanship?

Bamboo cutting board production process
Bamboo cutting board processing process: bamboo → cutting → tube opening → rough selection → rough selection → process double-sided planing (steaming (anti-insect, anti-mildew) or carbonization treatment → drying → heat-sensitive → brushing plastic board → selecting strips) →Finishing→Processing→Cut-off→Planing rubber straightening→Color selection and epidermal→Opening board→Surface planing→Sanding on both sides→Engraving→Edge grinding→Quality inspection→primer spraying→priming sand→hand sand grade→spraying Finish paint→checkpoint→waxing→packing→warehousing.
The process flow of the whole bamboo cutting board: bamboo→cutting→cutting→(removing bamboo skin, bamboo film→steaming (insect-proof, anti-mildew treatment) or carbonization→expanding→drying→hot pressing→brushing plastic board→selecting strips→ Fine planing→baking→cutting→flat planing→planing straight→color selection and gluing and boarding→opening→double-sided flat planing→two-sided sanding→carving→edge grinding→quality inspection→priming spraying→priming sand→hand Sand recesses → spray paint → quality inspection → waxing → packaging → storage.
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Glue-free cutting board technological process: bamboo → cutting → tube opening → rough selection → bamboo strip planing (to remove bamboo green, bamboo yellow → high temperature (insect and mildew treatment) or carbonization treatment → drying → hot pressing → sawing →Edge milling→repairing→sanding→striping→opening→extrusion→edge grinding→flat polishing→waxing→quality inspection→packing→warehousing.
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